20 thousand people flocked

Following the route from Ankara to Kırıkkale, Kayseri, Sivas, Erzincan and Erzurum, the Eastern Express train transports its passengers to Kars after approximately 24 hours’ journey.

Mir Hasan Taş, President of Sarikamis Tourism Association (SATURDER) stated that Kars and its surroundings became more popular with Eastern Express, and stated that “The promotion, tourism and economy of the region have been improved with the support and contribution of Mr. Ahmet Arslan of Transportation and Maritime Affairs. Everyone has a duty to be able to sustain this, “he said.

Taş stated that an important opportunity was reached in terms of coming to the place that Kars deserves and expressing that the public institutions and NGOs should act jointly to evaluate it, he said:

“The Eastern Express has become one of these instruments, and according to the information we have received, about 20 thousand people have arrived in the Eastern Express region, including the Ani Ruins, Cildir Lake, Sarıkamış Ski Center, it has also hosted a visit to the tourist areas, as well as the Kars economy, which has been tasted by the region’s regional specialties.

Meanwhile, the tour to Kars does not neglect to tour the caves of Çıldır Lake on the ice-covered ground after visiting Ani Ruins.

Sivas-Ankara YHT project is delayed to Sivas because of some of the ties between Ankara and Sivas, saying that the work of viaducts and tunnels, AK Party Sivas deputy Habip Soluk Osman Agha, even if it is not commercial test runs will begin in 2019 açıkladı.

Soluk, who had been explaining about the agenda of Sivas, gave information about the projects and works done to Sivas. Breathing information about the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) said:

“Mr. lived our President during Turkey is a very first and milestones. These are the leaves of a train from one of Ankara, taking the road to Eskişehir. This is a high-speed train name train. This is the 6th in Europe and 8th in the world rails train in the country and the name of this country is Turkey. Using nation in the name of the Turkish nation. ”

Soluk said that the reason for the delay of Sivas-Ankara YHT project to be opened for 2015 is to work with some tender between Ankara and Sivas like viaduct and tunnel.


“When we come to Sivas from Ankara, we see it as flat terrain, but there are 50 kilometers of tunnels and 63 kilometers of culverts and viaducts, and we have been delayed and the project has been interfered too much with the project. There are deficiencies in the tunnels and missions, but our goal is to declare our Prime Minister and Minister in 2019 in the worst conditions, I am trying to comply with what they say, and even if it is not commercial, we have to start the test drives in 2019. “

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