Istanbul’s largest land sale!

With the size and value of 1 million 157 thousand sqm, Galatasaray Sportif AŞ., Which has been sold for a long time and the summer tender has been sold for a long time, the prices have increased in the area of ​​Riva. With the size of 4 million m2 and Galatasaray’s 4 times the size of the land of Riva, the desired figure for the land is at a level that will exude. For a land that is learned to belong to a mysterious businessman who is not given an name, a figure over 3 billion liras is pronounced. When the size of the land is compared, it corresponds to the half of Güngören, known as the smallest town of Istanbul.


The former president of Galatasaray, Selahattin Beyazıt, bought the land in Riva for 100 thousand pounds in 1971 on 15 June. Fema Construction and KLV Construction Partnership, which offered the highest bid for the land of 1 million 157 thousand square meters, won with a bid of 3.1 billion pounds but after the bidding, the Ministry of Construction and Planning went to the zoning change and won the auction with a loss of 50 thousand square meters of marketable area the partnership group was withdrawn.


Yilmaz Construction Contracting and Trade Inc.’s bid was 3 billion 808 million liras total revenue and 952 million lira company share.

Galatasaray President Dursun Özbek explained that 950 villas will be built on the Riva project they agreed on Emlak Konut’la.


The project to be built within the framework of the Riva tender of Emlak Konut was designed with ecological and sustainable architecture approach. EKO-KÖY project, the total housing area is 869 thousand 522 square meters, while the project has 206 thousand 497 square meters of private forest area.

Real Estate Housing For the Eco-Village project, we will add certain items to the tender specifications for the village and nature experience to be found in this project. Construction is expected to start in 2018 and last for 3 years.


The sale of the land of Galatasaray Sportiv A.Ş. and the project area from the day ahead also moved. After the sale of the said land, the prices of the neighboring places near the land have also increased considerably. With the 3rd bridge, m2 of land in the area, which already adds value to value, rose to the level of 350-400 dollars.


In addition to the value increases that are experienced in the region, the size and price of a land for sale are also noteworthy. The sale of 4 million m2 of land is known as the largest land in m2 of sale in Istanbul recently. The size of the land is clearer when compared. 4 thousand acres of land 7,17 km2 of Istanbul’s Gungoren until half of the county.

Galatasaray’ın price and value for many years of constantly coming from 1 million 157 thousand square meters of land 4 times the size of the land required for the sale of the astronomical levels required. 800 thousand dollars for the sale of 4 thousand acres of land, ie approximately 3 billion 100 million TL, 3 times trillion is requested with the old currency.

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