The time is shorter than the fee in Göcek tunnel

Provincial Highway 13th Regional Director Arif Cobanoglu informed the public about the Göcek tunnel, which is called “Deli Dumrul Tunnel”, and stated that the operation period will be withdrawn in 2025 if the CMB approves it.

On the question asked about the works of Göcek Tunnel which was opened to service in 2006 with the Build-Operate-Transfer model, the service still not opened, the high toll fee and the maintenance work of the tunnel, Arif Çobanoğlu 13th Regional Director of Highways informed the members of the Provincial Coordination Department.

The tunnel between Dalaman and Fethiye was shortened by 15 minutes and the 960 meters long tunnel was completed. Çobanoglu, who informed the coordination committee about the work carried out in the areas of responsibility, asked the Governor Esengul Civelek about the latest situation regarding Göcek Tunnel, while TÜRSAB Marmaris Regional Executive Board Chairman Ali Kırlı also asked about the wage height and the latest status of the twin tunnel.

Business period will be reduced to 25 years

It was revealed that the contractor company of Göcek Tunnel which was put into service in 2006, was working for the construction period including construction for 25 years and for the year 2025. Çobanoğlu 13th Regional Director of Highways, “If approved by the Capital Markets Board (CMB), the operation of the contractor will be shortened. If the CMB approves, the enterprise will expire in 2015. There is nothing we can do about discounting the wages, “he said.

The tunnel will be taken care of

Çobanoglu said that the current tunnel, which is still operating from Gocek twin tunnels, will be taken care of, “We wrote the firmware repair article. It will be taken for a period like 4 months. CMB approval is expected in this regard. We requested that the repair be done before the tourist season. If the care is approved, the appointment will be taken from March 15th to June 15th. In the process, the second of the completed twin tunnels will go into operation ”

Contract binding in 2002

Cobanoglu responded to the question of why the second tunnel, which started construction on July 9, 2013 and was not opened after it was completed, is still not open to service, said, “There is a contract made in 2002. There is a ’roundtrip fee will be charged’ contract with the existing tunnel operator. This contract is binding, “he said.

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